Home Closing Services

To facilitate the consistent and timely delivery of closing-related information, Heritage Property Management has established a designated closing department. Our closing department is designed to make property transfers as simple as possible.

Our Closing Services Include:

  • The production and disbursement of closing letters;
  • The administration and collection of final account balances; and
  • The completion and distribution of mortgage questionnaires

NOTE: Only a closing attorney can request a closing letter. An account balance for a foreclosing bank may be requested by the asset manager, the bank, or the listing agent with a copy of the recorded Deed Under Power and associated listing agreement (if applicable). To ensure the accuracy of the order placed, all mortgage questionnaires must be requested by the lender. For more information please fill out the request form on our request form page. 

Heritage Home Closing Services

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+ Closing Letter Request

Please note that a closing letter request must come from a closing attorney. A closing letter ordered with standard delivery is guaranteed to be returned within five (5) business days of the order being paid. Closing letters may be rushed for an additional fee. Closing letters may be paid by the closing attorney handling the transaction, or by a third party (additional information below).

+ Lender Questionnaires

Heritage offers a comprehensive questionnaire for each association. If you need additional support, a lender-specific questionnaire can be completed by one of our team members for a small fee. Lenders are required to set up a login account through www.homewisedocs.com then you may select the items you need.

+ Foreclosures and Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosures

Listing agents or asset managers requiring an account balance invoice from a foreclosure date forward, must create a login account through www.homewisedocs.com and identify themselves as a Real Estate Professional.

Account balance letters require a copy of the recorded Deed Under Power and a listing agreement must be included with the online order. Account balance letters will be emailed to the requestor no later than five (5) business days after receipt of payment.

+ Third Party Payment Instructions

If you are a third party wishing to pay for a closing letter, please go to www.homewisedocs.com, click on “Pay for My Order,” and use the confirmation number provided by your closing attorney. The closing attorney will receive notification when the closing letter is ready for retrieval.