3 HOA Management Tips from the Pros

Homeowner association managers provide a wide range of assistance to communities. This can range from scheduling meetings, to vetting vendors and obtaining job quotes to helping resolve resident conflicts. With such a broad variety of duties, what does it take to shine in the HOA management field? 

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Proactivity is key in HOA management. 

The goal of a good  HOA manager  or  property manager  is to discover problems before they happen. If he can spot potential dilemmas or dangers before they occur and attend to them before any significant damage takes place, he will have saved himself both time and money. HOA management can be a much simpler job with regular check-ins, scheduled inspections, and constant interactions with home owners. 

Check-ins and Inspections:  It is essential that HOA management carries out  routine check-ins and inspections to maintain the property.  This will include examination of the grounds, interior, and outside of community structures like clubhouses. 

  • Grounds:  The landscaped portion of the community/association property and any outdoor spaces such as swimming pools or parking lots are included in this area. The lawn and lawnscaping of those community areas is inspected to check if the lawn care staff is doing their job correctly. It is the job of HOA management to replace current landscapers if the lawn appears unattended. Parking spaces are to be marked well, and the parking lots are to be kept clean. Homeowner property is inspected to ensure it is maintained per the association’s governing documents.

  • Outside structure:  HOA management should check the perimeter of the community properties (common areas) after inspection of the grounds. Any loose shutters and eaves, or peeling paint should be noted. Cable, electrical, and phone lines ascending from the property, in addition to any satellite dishes, should be inspected. If any damaged is found, the proper repair professionals should be called. Individual homes are inspected, however it is not up to the HOA to get the work handled.

  •  Interior structure:   The inspection of the association owned property’s interior structure starts from the ground and works it’s way upward. HOA management works though a vendor or licensed professional to check the lowest level of the foundation for any  indication of leaking or cracking. Boilers, water, and gas heaters must also be inspected. Doors, windows, and light fixtures must be checked throughout the building. Additionally, toilets and sinks should be inspected for leakage by the chosen professional. 

It is also crucial for the HOA manager to be active within the community. This means a constant interaction with the homeowners. Discussion of property issues, policy situations, and helping the board enforce rules and regulations are necessary in keeping the HOA community a bonded unit. 

Teamwork Equals Success. 

HOA Manager Atlanta

It is critical for the Board and the HOA management to work together as a team. Communication between the two should remain frequent and clear. Both should be focused on improving the living conditions of the homeowner association as a whole. Working together to discuss maintenance, property developments, or association problems, can assist in structure improvement, and a stronger homeowner association. 

Develop solid relationships with law firms and vendors. 

Many homeowner associations are confident in hiring HOA management firms because of the secured relationships they have with both law firms and vendors. One of the most significant responsibilities of HOA management is assisting with the clarification of homeowner association laws, and deciding various policy issues. When a certain situation arises, it is always helpful to consult with an attorney. The strong relationship that has been formed essentially means that the law firm will make every effort to supply outstanding service. 

Looking for Help with Your HOA Management?

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