Early Voting in Georgia Midterm Elections

Did you know that early voting has become more popular than voting day turnout? No doubt convenience has played a factor in that statistic, but also reduced wait times is a huge consideration.

So what are you waiting for? The Georgia Midterm early voting polls are now open as of Monday, October 15th.

Where Can You Vote Early in Georgia?

Early voting locations for Georgia midterm election 2018.

Here are the details for early voting locations in and around the Atlanta area.

Early Voting in Fulton County

Early Voting in Cobb County

Early Voting in DeKalb County

Early Voting in Gwinnett County

More Details About the Midterm Elections

To read more about the midterm elections, what (and who) is up for vote visit this great article over at the

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.”

- An African proverb.

Labor Day 2018 Events Across Atlanta

With the heat index so high lately, it's hard to believe Labor Day is just around the corner. Fortunately, Atlanta has an abundance of Labor Day weekend events this year to occupy every personality type. Whether you are active, adventurous or just looking to relax, we've rounded up a list of the very best Atlanta area Labor Day weekend events.



Soul Rise 5k : Mercedes Benz Stadium
September 1, 2018

Labor Day 2018 Events in Atlanta

Feeling energetic? The annual Soul Rise 5k might be just the thing to kick start your Labor Day weekend. The race begins just across from the Mercedes Benz stadium and runs through historic downtown Atlanta. Not only is this event good for your heart, it's good for the soul. Proceeds from race registrations will help support early childhood development at the YMCA and local community non-profit organizations.

For more details and registration visit the Soul Rise 5k website.

Decatur Book Festival : Decatur Square
August 31 - September 2, 2018

Labor Day 2018 Events in Atlanta

Calling all bibliophiles. The annual AJC Decatur Book Festival is the largest independent book festival in the country and one of the 5 largest book festivals in the world! The event takes place in Decatur Square where visitors can mingle with their favorite authors, collect autographs, listen to author readings and children can enjoy an interactive play area, live music and much more.

This year's keynote speaker at the Book Festival will be Kenny Leon, 'internationally acclaimed director and actor of stage, film, and television."

Read more about the event at the AJC Decatur Book Festival website.

Hot Air Balloon Festival : Callaway Gardens
August 31 - September 2, 2018

The Hot Air Balloon Festival at Callaway Gardens is quite possibly the most beautiful way to see the summer out. On Friday night hot air balloons will light up the dark sky and through the weekend you'll be able to enjoy the balloons, live music, and a kids zone. If you're looking for a quiet retreat you can head off to the many miles of hiking and biking trails surrounding the area.

Don't miss the classic car show and dog frisbee demonstrations as well! You can see a full schedule of events at the Hot Air Balloon Festival website.

Dragon Con : Downtown Atlanta
August 30 - September 3, 2018

Labor Day 2018 Events in Atlanta

Pop culture convention, multigenre party, or sci-fi mega party, whatever you call it, Dragon Con is sure to leave you amazed. Founded in 1987 this annual Atlanta event fixture is returning for its 32nd year and certainly won't disappoint fans with an extensive list of guests. Highlights include appearances by Evangeline Lilly, Jennifer Morrison and Mitch Pileggi of X-Files fame.

Come as you are or come in cosplay (ie. costume). Either way, it's going to a party to remember! For full details and tickets visit the official Dragon Con 2018 website.

TOSA Festival : 10 Northside Drive, Atlanta
August 30 - September 2, 2018

The sister music event to the Soul Rise 5k Run, the TOSA Music Festival is FREE and features an impressive lineup of talented musicians. You'll find a variety of items from food, music, art, and games all paying homage to classic soul. 

For more details visit the TOSA Festival website.

Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular : Stone Mountain
Varied times/dates

Labor Day 2018 Events in Atlanta

If you've never been to the Lasershow at Stone Mountain you're missing out! Many families have made this spectacular fireworks and laser/music display part of their annual tradition. Labor Day weekend shows will also feature epic flame cannons to add even more wow factor. You know it's major when the FAA has to be consulted prior to show scheduling to avoid interfering with air traffic!

Visit the Stone Mountain website for more information about the Lasershow.

How ever you choose to spend your Labor Day please make it a safe one. Have fun and enjoy!

HB 410 Is Vetoed by Governor Deal

In the most recent legislative session, HB 410 was on the agenda. House Bill 410 was introduced to provide a list of information that home owners associations, property owners associations, and condominium owners associations would be required to provide upon request for a closing. The proposed legislation, if passed, would also cap the fees the association or management company could charge for preparing and providing the closing documents and information.

HB 410 is vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal

House Bill 410 was designed to set the fee below the average of any state that is currently regulated. The proposed fee was arbitrarily low and below the cost to perform the services needed to effectuate closings on behalf of the association. The association management industry and lobbyists worked diligently all session to educate legislators on the negative impact this proposed legislation would have on the industry, associations, and owner of homes and condos in associations.

Earlier this month, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed House Bill 410. In his press release Governor Deal stated,

Governor Nathan Deal vetos HB 410 in Georgia : photo credit the aha connection
“House Bill 410 provides a list of information that home owners associations, property owners associations, and condominium owners associations would be required to provide to a homeowner upon request and caps the fees the association could charge for producing and transferring that information. 
First, the cap provided by HB 410 is, to my knowledge, lower than that of any other state in the nation with such a cap and may not be sufficient to cover costs of providing the information required, which could result in increased costs to association members. 
Second, such associations often contract with private parties to provide these services so that association members need not complete the tasks personally, on behalf of the association. 
Consequently, it appears that HB 410 could impose burdensome responsibilities on associations and their members and, regardless, absent sufficient justification, parties should generally be left alone to dicker the terms of their private agreements without government intrusion.  For the foregoing reasons, I VETO HB 410.”

Georgia Elections Coming Up : May 22nd

With the Georgia Primary Elections just around the corner on May 22nd, we wanted to remind homeowners that whatever your political philosophy, you should exercise your individual right to help choose the people who will lead our government—at the federal, state and local levels.  Casting a ballot is an American right that people in many other countries don’t enjoy.

Georgia Primary Elections 2018 :: © GA Tech

Just as we elect our government officials, many homeowners also have an opportunity to elect and vote for their HOA board members. If you are not happy with your current board, vote for change! If you are happy, vote for them to stay! Either way, each person's vote counts both at the national and local level, even in your own community.

When is the Georgia Primary Election in 2018?

The Georgia Primary Elections for both the Democratic and Republican parties is coming up on May 22nd. 

When is the Georgia Primary Election 2018?

Before you can vote, you must register. You can register to vote in the State of Georgia online by visiting the online voter registration site. You can also register by filling out a paper application and mailing it in via the DMV's website. The site also included information on who is eligible to vote in Georgia elections.

And remember, if you’re an owner in good standing, you have the right to vote in our own association elections. Our campaigns aren’t covered by the worldwide media, and we don’t have bumper stickers and buttons, but they are important and do make a difference in your life.

Reach out to your Heritage Property Manager or your community HOA to find out when the next election is being held in your community.

Want to learn more about the upcoming Georgia Primary Elections this May?

Check out the Ballotpedia website for more details about who's running in both the Republican and Democratic parties.


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