Early Voting in Georgia Midterm Elections

Did you know that early voting has become more popular than voting day turnout? No doubt convenience has played a factor in that statistic, but also reduced wait times is a huge consideration.

So what are you waiting for? The Georgia Midterm early voting polls are now open as of Monday, October 15th.

Where Can You Vote Early in Georgia?

Early voting locations for Georgia midterm election 2018.

Here are the details for early voting locations in and around the Atlanta area.

Early Voting in Fulton County

Early Voting in Cobb County

Early Voting in DeKalb County

Early Voting in Gwinnett County

More Details About the Midterm Elections

To read more about the midterm elections, what (and who) is up for vote visit this great article over at the

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- An African proverb.

HB 410 Is Vetoed by Governor Deal

In the most recent legislative session, HB 410 was on the agenda. House Bill 410 was introduced to provide a list of information that home owners associations, property owners associations, and condominium owners associations would be required to provide upon request for a closing. The proposed legislation, if passed, would also cap the fees the association or management company could charge for preparing and providing the closing documents and information.

HB 410 is vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal

House Bill 410 was designed to set the fee below the average of any state that is currently regulated. The proposed fee was arbitrarily low and below the cost to perform the services needed to effectuate closings on behalf of the association. The association management industry and lobbyists worked diligently all session to educate legislators on the negative impact this proposed legislation would have on the industry, associations, and owner of homes and condos in associations.

Earlier this month, Governor Nathan Deal vetoed House Bill 410. In his press release Governor Deal stated,

Governor Nathan Deal vetos HB 410 in Georgia : photo credit the aha connection
“House Bill 410 provides a list of information that home owners associations, property owners associations, and condominium owners associations would be required to provide to a homeowner upon request and caps the fees the association could charge for producing and transferring that information. 
First, the cap provided by HB 410 is, to my knowledge, lower than that of any other state in the nation with such a cap and may not be sufficient to cover costs of providing the information required, which could result in increased costs to association members. 
Second, such associations often contract with private parties to provide these services so that association members need not complete the tasks personally, on behalf of the association. 
Consequently, it appears that HB 410 could impose burdensome responsibilities on associations and their members and, regardless, absent sufficient justification, parties should generally be left alone to dicker the terms of their private agreements without government intrusion.  For the foregoing reasons, I VETO HB 410.”